The Software behind the Sport

Omni Sports Management (OSM) Software is the most innovative Sports Administration Service developed. OSM provides a sporting organization with a complete solution to managing their sport and providing leading edge technology to their associations, clubs, event directors, teams, coaches, members and volunteers.

We provide your organization with the software needed to operate and market your sport effectively, thus increasing your ability to reach current members and attract new members. Our features will decrease the time involved for your staff and volunteers to create leagues, camps, events and other competitions and will increase your opportunities for revenue and service. Integrated components such as online stores provide you with the ability to sell products or services. Our iPhone and Android apps can be dynamically configured and has the ability to send messages to your members.

Online stores at the grass roots level (teams for example) provide an effective solution for fundraising. Omni Sports Management allows leagues (soccer leagues, baseball leagues, football leagues, basketball leagues, etc.) to create and manage registration, schedules, teams and results. Send emails for rainouts and other communications. Whether you are a private, municipality or national organization, Omni Sports Management will meet your needs and help you grow.

Our secure Cloud based SaaS hosting model provides organizations with an easy, usable interface (only a browser is needed) to quickly implement OSM into their sports. IPC will also help customize OSM so it fits the data and screen needs of your sport. You can access OSM from Home, office or on the road.

League Management


  • Manage your Sports memberships, renewals, fees and income easily.
  • Maintain contact with your members by Email or SMS (Text).
  • Encourage your members to be more involved in your sport.  Each member has access to a personalized Membership Portal where they can maintain their information, track and renew their memberships and get information about their sport, thereby reducing your workload. 


  • Need help with looking after your Sports Events?
  • Omnisportsmanagement gives you all the tools you need to create, manage, advertise and control your events.
  • You get the ability to create an attractive advertising page for your event.
  • Then you can email or advertise the link to the page and wait for registrations...
  • How to make your next Event a success?  Use Omnisportsmanagement - Event Manager! 
  • Take Donations
  • Assign volunteers, officials and coaches


  • Need help with looking after your Sports Competitions (Leagues)?
  • Omnisportsmanagement gives you all the tools you need to set, manage and control your leagues.
  • You can easily create an attractive advertising page for your league.
  • Set up your locations, invite registrations, assign people into teams and away you go.
  • Add the scores and you will be able to show your players up to date Draws, Ladders and Results.

Online Store

  • Do you have a pile of inventory looking for customers?  Move it out with the Omnisportsmanagement online store.
  • All our registration processes allow members, or potential members, to purchase items that you have available.
  • Customize your item listings with images.
  • Manage inventory, shipping etc. easily and effectively.
  • Integrated with Registration and stand alone


  • The Omnisportsmanagement Event module is well suited to enable you to create and manage camps and clinics.
  • Set up the dates and location, assign coaches and volunteers and work out your pricing.
  • Once complete, you will have available a website link that allows you to email potential attendees. You can also put the link on any website page to which you have access to further market your Camp or Clinic


  • Developed with your Clubs in mind.
  • Omnisportsmanagement Club module is built to give the Club Secretary an effective financial management solution.
  • It handles either individual or team sports and allows the control of competitions and events by seamlessly integrating with the Omnisportsmanagement Leagues and Event Manager modules.


  • Our Omnisportsmanagement clients have available access to their own website.
  • These websites are hosted by Omnisportsmanagement and include, out of the box, such features as a fully, multilevel news service, state of the art Shopping cart and a large number of other modules that can make your website stand out from the crowd.
  • The websites are built on the DotNetNuke platform for stability and capability.


  • The core of Omnisportsmanagement is its ability to manage the money coming into an organization and allow for distribution to multiple entities within the organization in a seamless fashion.
  • Full reporting of every cent that is received is included as well as handling of EFT, Cash, Check and Credit Card payments.
  • Our systems are secured to current banking standards which means that your and your members information is always safe.

Report Writer

  • Omnisportsmanagement has available a Report Writer tool to enable you to create your own reports
  • This tool allows you to select from an enormous range of fields of data and extract information based on your requirements.
  • Reports can be saved and used over and over again with different filters and parameters to make repetitive reporting easy.


  • Omnisportsmanagement has an App Control which allows you to configure your App.
  • You can select pages or add your own URLs to appear as menu items in the app.
  • No update of the app is required by the user. The moment you save your changes, anyone who has the App installed, will get access to the new content.
  • When your members are logged into the app a Virtual Card with bar-code ID is available for identification and quick entry into your events and competitions.
  • The App contains a full Notification function as well so you can use it to notify your members about cancellations, delays or changes to events and leagues.
Register for Events
OSM goes Mobile

What's new with OSM Mobile?

You can now configure OSM Mobile. Add pages or delete pages. Dynamically, automatically updating the user's App the next time they use it.

Sports members can now see their Schedules, Standings and Scores on their mobile device.  They can bookmark their favorite Competitions and Teams and skip right to the current information.

Now current information on the games you love can be as close as your phone or tablet.

OSM Mobile is available for Android on the Google Play site (Look for OSM Mobile) and is available for iPhone on ITunes.

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